Anouar Brahem

Anouar Brahem’s Tunisian origins are clearly reflected in the room’s colour palette, as blue and white are the most colours found in Tunisian architecture. Furthermore, Brahem utilized the Oud as his main musical instrument. Subsequently, we designed the desk in the room to resemble the iconic Arabic instrument, while also maintaining the blue and white scheme of the rest of the room.

One thought on “Anouar Brahem

  1. Kenia

    Anouar Brahem is a great artist. He maengas to sound modern and archaic at the same time. His most recent previous album, Astrakan Cafe, evokes a North Africa, with his oud accompanied by clarinet and percussion. My favorite of his previous albums, Compte de l’Incroyable Amour, is a work of great spirituality and heart.This album, Le Pas Du Chat Noir, with accompaniment from a piano and clarinet, sounds like sophisticated Parisian parlor art song, but of what era? Debussy’s? Piaf’s? Ravel’s? Brahem’s!Typically perfect ECM audio engineering allows the listener to fall deeply into this music’s thrall. Highly recommended.


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