Sabah Fakhri

Sabah Fakhri began his life as a Muezzin in the Al Rowda mosque in Aleppo, Syria. Therefore, the design of the room is heavily influenced by the Islamic religion, featuring Islamic epigraphy all over. As his musical and artistic career continued to progress, he was awarded many awards in all parts of the world. Sabah Fakhri was the first Arabic singer to be spotlighted in the Guinness Book of World Records, as he sang for ten continuous hours in Venezuela during a concert. He has sung at prominent events such as the Noble Peace Ball in Sweden and the Beethoven Ball in Germany. Sabah Fakhri is known for his signature look, as he always sported a black suit and white shirt. Subsequently, the black and white palette of the room was used to reflect his attire.

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    Hi there,Good to hear what you have achieved! I have to say that your pics are fntniaasicg and amazing. Hopes to see more products from you in the future & good luck in your competition!Pls do send my regards to the rest ya, Thanks


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