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If you’re in Amman and want to visit the snazziest place to have dinner and a good time then look no more. The Maestro at La Locanda Boutique Hotel is the best jazz and music bar in Amman.

 The Maestro – Music Bar & Restaurant

The restaurant/ bar is the embodiment of pop-culture trend infused with middle-eastern shades. It takes its music as seriously as it takes its food and drinks. The music restaurant and bar is popular for providing both things with topnotch quality. Attracting hundreds of foreigners and locals alike, the Maestro has certainly lived up to its reputation as the best jazz and music bar in Amman.

The Best Music in Town

 If you’re staying at La Locanda Boutique Hotel, the incredible and one-of-a-kind music themed hotel in Amman, then you will be happy to hear that the hotel as well as the Maestro Music Restaurant and Bar along organizes concerts every Monday and Friday, inviting the local talent and popular jazz musicians and as well as contemporary artists from all over Jordan.

The Food

The food in the best jazz and music bar in Amman is absolutely tantalizing. The Maestro has a pretty impressive menu that not only caters to the local taste buds, but also has dishes that a majority of tourists are comfortable with. With Italian and American cuisines as well as Arabic dishes, the restaurant is the most talked about on social media these days.

The drinks menu is another reason why they are known as the best. With unique and exclusive drinks you can select from, the Maestro is truly an amazing place.

Located inside the La Locanda Boutique Hotel, the management of the hotel is quite sure that the Maestro music bar and Restaurant will in the future, turn out to be one of the hippest and trendiest places in Amman. The restaurant is a magnet for tourists who want to be more intertwined in the artistic and cultural history of Jordan and its musical soul.

The Maestro uses all the latest in music equipment and technology to provide its customers with a perfect ambience and to provide the musicians with what exactly they need to ensure they perform to the fullest. 

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La Locanda Boutique Hotel
52 Al-Ba'ouniyah Street, Jebel Al Weibdeh
Amman 11191 Jordan
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