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La Locanda Boutique Hotel has become one of the best hotels in Amman, Jordan. It is a one of a kind hotel, with music themed rooms giving tribute to some of the greatest musical legends and singers of Arabia. Thousands of people flock to Amman to get a chance to stay at this intricately beautiful, yet a majestically contemporary hotel. It is a pure delight to see how magnificently it turned to be. The owners, of La Locanda Boutique Hotel, created something out of nothing. Their goal was to establish something more than a hotel – a cultural project that delves deep inside of the colorful history of Jordan.

Rooms, Entertainment and the Best Restaurant in Amman, Jordan

It is rather fascinating to see how the new owners have been able to capture the essence of Arab music and to fuse it within every inch of each of the 21 rooms in the hotel. Every room is named after an Arab singer or a musical sensation, everything you look will inspire you and compel you to learn more about the musical history of that personality. It is just amazing.

 Apart from the hotel’s spectacular amenities and a brilliant selection of hotel furniture, La Locanda Boutique Hotel also has another sensational surprise for its visitors. The Maestro Musical Bar and Restaurant, which had instantly become one of the best restaurant in Amman, Jordan is the absolute place to be every Monday and Friday. The hotel hosts some of the best concerts and musical festivities in town and both the locals, expats and tourist flock to the restaurant in hundreds.

The best restaurant in Amman, Jordan presents truly exclusive, one of a kind drinks with a long list of refreshing and fulfilling appetizers and delicious Arabic food. Plus, La Locanda Boutique Hotel also hosts different musical concerts – where several well-known local artists and musicians perform live. 

La Locanda Boutique Hotel has become the focal point of the city of Amman and is the number one go-to destination in the Jebel Al-Weibdeh region. Being the only music themed hotel in Amman, you simply just cannot afford to miss it.

Have the best drinks you have ever had at the Maestro and listen to the musical soul of Amman in La Locanda Boutique Hotel

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La Locanda Boutique Hotel
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